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โซลิตสเตทรีเลย์ Solid State Relay Hoymk AMR-10DD DC-DC 10A Actually 3-32V DC to 5-220VDC
รหัสสินค้า : SRE018
ยี่ห้อ : Hoymk
รุ่น : AMR-10DD
สภาพสินค้า : สินค้ามือใหม่
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ราคา :350.00 ฿
รายละเอียดสินค้า :

โซลิตสเตทรีเลย์ Solid State Relay Hoymk AMR-10DD DC-DC 10A Actually 3-32V DC to 5-220VDC

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Product Features: 
  1. TRIAC Output,Zero Voltage Opens, Zero Current Turnoff;
  2. Optical Isolation between the Input Loop and Output Loop;
  3. Dielectric Strength 2500V between Input-Output;
  4. 100% Load Current Aging Test.
This is Solid State Relay AMR-10DD DC-DC 10A 
  • Control: DC Control DC 
  • Load Voltage :5-220VDC
  • Control Voltage 3-32VDC
  • Current DC:3-25mA
  • State Leakage Current: 2mA
  • State Pressure 1.5VAC
  • Off Time 10mS
  • Dielectric Withstand Voltage :2500VAC 
  • Insulation Resistance: 500M /500VDC
  • Working Temperature:-30 -+ 75 
  • Mounting:Bolts
  • Indicating:LED
Packing Content: 
  • 1 x Solid State Relay AMR-10DD


Safety Precautions : 
  1. , Must be used when the load current is higher than 5A is mounted on a heat sink or metal base plate with the corresponding cooling effect , and coated with thermal grease between the SSR Heat bottom mounting surface , 40A above plus fan forced cooling or water .
  2. , Using the AC inductive load , high transient voltages and inrush current is applied to the output, which may cause the solid state relay conduction or damaged, usually require access at the output voltage with a specific clamping voltage control devices, such as double Zener diode or varistor (MOV). Rated voltage varistor is recommended to take a 1.6-1.9 times ;
  3. , The control close to the minimum load current is small current load shall load a dummy load resistor in parallel to reduce the leakage current compared to the output of the load high residual voltage.
  4. , In order to avoid the temperature exceeds the allowable value of solid-state relays , considering the cooling effect of the application should be designed and installed position , only when two or more solid state relays mounted side by side , you should leave appropriate spacing.
  5. , The parallel between the output may not be more than just the use of solid-state relays , in an attempt to increase the output current. However, output can be used in tandem in order to apply a higher operating voltage.
  6. , When using more than just a solid state relay when shared control power inputs that can be used in tandem can also be used in parallel .
  7. , Capacitive load caution this piece , please select the capacitive load dedicated solid state relays.


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