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เครื่องวัดสี เครื่องวัดความต่างสี เครื่องวัดเฉดสี Precise Digital Colorimeter WR10 8mm Color Differe
รหัสสินค้า : CNC007
ยี่ห้อ :
รุ่น : WR10
สภาพสินค้า : สินค้ามือใหม่
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ราคา :19500.00 ฿
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เครื่องวัดสี เครื่องวัดความต่างสี Precise Digital Colorimeter WR10 8mm Color Difference Meter Tester Color Meter Color Reader Color Tester (Pre-Order 2 สัปดาห์)

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Precise Digital Colorimeter WR10 8mm Color Difference Meter Tester Color Meter Color Reader Color Tester

  • Portable Colorimeter WR10 developed according to the measuring requirements on different products and gain many optimal achievements with high cost performance.
  • The most convenient colorimeter: automatic correction when starting up (national patent)
  • Environmental, low energy consumption instrument, high capacity lithium battery
  • Comfortable observation with real color screen display
  • Exquisite and delicate


  1. Through the SCM test
  2. Simple, accurate, easy-to-use, convenient
  3. Design in line with industry norms, good feel, easy to grasp, Steady body.
  4. Clear and bright screen, large font display, intuitive chromaticity diagram, color difference bias figure shows color simulation.
  5. Advanced Power Management


  • WR10 Portable Colorimeter
  • Model Number: WR10
  • Display mode: CIELAB,
  • Color difference formula: ΔE *ab
  • Illumination Condition: CIE Recommendation:8/d
  • Light Source: D65
  • Sensor: Photodiode array
  • Measuring Aperture: Φ8mm
  • Measuring Condition: Observer:CIE 10° Standard observer 
  • Measuring Range: L:0-100
  • Repeated Accuracy: ΔE<0.08
  • Table Difference: ΔE <0.2
  • Measurement Time: 1 second
  • Storage Capacity: 100 standard samples and10000 test sample
  • Battery Power supply: Li-ion battery, 5000 times Measurement
  • Lifetime of Bulb: 5years more than 160 million measuring
  • Display screen: TFT true color 2.8inch@(16:9) 
  • Interface of External: USB2.0 (USB-B) / RS-232 (115200bps)
  • Working Temperature Range: 0°C-40°C (32°F-104°F)
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20°C-50°C (-4°F-122°F)
  • Humidity Range: Relative humidity less than 85%,without condensation
  • Net Weight: 700g
  • Dimension: 199x68x90mm
  • Demension after package: 400x240x340mm
  • Standard Accessory: AC adapter/ 3000mAH Li-ion battery
  • Optional Accessory: Flour measuring device/Micro printer



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