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  • เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง เครื่องวัดค่า pH Meter Auto Calibration CF วัดอุณหภูมิ และ กันน้ำได้ รุ่น 8681
เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง เครื่องวัดค่า pH Meter Auto Calibration CF วัดอุณหภูมิ และ กันน้ำได้ รุ่น 8681
รหัสสินค้า : PHM002
ยี่ห้อ : OEM
รุ่น : PH868-1
สภาพสินค้า : สินค้ามือใหม่
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ราคา :1690.00 ฿
ราคาปกติ : 1890.00 ฿
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เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง เครื่องวัดค่า pH Meter Auto Calibration °C/ °F วัดอุณหภูมิ และ กันน้ำได้ รุ่น 8681

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PH868-1 is designed to measure pH levels from 0~14 and has the following advance features: automatic calibration (ph4.0, pH7.0 & pH10.0), with high ingress protection rating - IP67 - 100% waterproof & dustproof, automatic temperature compensation (ATC), dual display (pH & temp), switchable °C & °F, data hold, low battery indicator, and auto power off that can be disable.

PH868-1 has also a built-in ATC to ensure 100% accuracy. Even the slightest change in temperature affects the accuracy of reading results; ATC lets the meter adjust or adopts current temperature of the environment without shifting or restarting the meter. PH868-1 is totally protected against dust & effects of immersion between .15m and 1m. It has a high Ingress Protection Ratings of IP67. An IP number is used to specify the environmental protection of enclosures around electronic equipment and was developed by the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization. These ratings are determined by specific tests. It is composed of 2-3 numbers, the first referring to the protection from solid objects or materials (with 1-6 level), the second against liquids or water (with 1-8 levels) and the third against mechanical impacts. Higher IP number means better the protection.

  • 100% Water and Dust Proof
  • Automatic Calibration just a single push of a button
  • pH & Temperature display with switchable °C & °F
  • Large display screen
  • Free 3 Buffer solutions (PH4.0, PH7.0 & PH10.0)


  • This device is very effective, reliable, easy and safe to use.
  • IP67 waterproof & dustproof housing (totally protected against dust and water even on immersion up to 1m)
  • Automatic Calibration with just a push of a button
  • Easy 3 points Calibration (pH 4.00, 7.00,10.00)
  • Comes with the Standard Buffer Solutions pH4.0, pH7.0 & pH10.0 USA standards
  • Can measure alkaline solution
  • Display Temperature & pH simultaneously
  • Easy to switch between °C and °F
  • Data Hold & ATC
  • Auto Power off that can be disable
  • Pen size, easy to fit in pocket
  • Low battery indicator
  • Easy to replace and assemble with new battery
  • High quality and accurate testing results are guaranteed
  • Approved by strict quality and safety standards
  • Wide range of application: Pools, Aquariums, Labs, Aquaculture, Car washes, Water testing and Waste water treatment     


  • IP Grade: IP67
  • Measuring Range: 0~14pH
  • Accuracy: ±0.2pH
  • Resolution: 0.1pH
  • Calibration Point: 4, 7, 10
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.5°C/°F
  • Temperature compensation: 0~50°C

Operating Condition

  • Operating Temperature: 0°C~50°C (32°F~122°F)
  • Operating Humidity: 0~80%RH
  • Auto Power Off (Sleep Mode) with disable feature (idle for 20min)
  • Self Calibration
  • Display: 4-digit display
  • 100% Waterproof & Dustproof (IP67)
  • Dimension: 150 x 36 x 25mm (L x W x T)


  • ฟรี 3 x บัฟเฟอร์โซลูชั่นผง: pH4, pH7 และ PH10
  • ฟรี 4 แบตเตอรี่
  • คู่มือการใช้งาน
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