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เครื่องล้างอัลตร้าโซนิค Portable Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 2L 120W Cleaning Machine Bath With Heate
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เครื่องล้างอัลตร้าโซนิค Portable Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 2L 120W Cleaning Machine Bath With Heater Timer Cleaning Jewelry Glasses Dental 

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Q: How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

  • A: Dirty items come clean in ultrasonic cleaning systems when millions of superheated bubbles scrub grime and oxidation away with stunning results. How? Through the process of de-cavitation.
    Ultrasonic cleaning systems send high frequency sound waves ripping through an ultrasonic cleaning solution leaving superheated bubbles in the waves’ wake. When these bubbles, called cavitatons, collapse, called decavitation, the heat and energy of their implosions work with the specially formulated ultrasonic cleaning solution to remove dirt, oils, residue and oxidation from the surface of the contaminated item.
    Imagine the ability to get into the tiniest of nooks and crannies where dirt and grime hide, and then imagine scrubbing that surface ultra clean. With conventional cleaning – brushes, rags and elbow grease – this task seems impossible. But the cavitating cleaning action of an ultrasonic cleaning system does just that – It goes where brush bristles can’t.

Q: What Are The Components for Ultrasonic Cavitation and Cleaning?

  • A: Ultrasonic waves, heat and an ultrasonic cleaning solution are the three components at the heart of an ultrasonic cleaning system. Ultrasonic waves sonically cavitate and heat the ultrasonic cleaning solution, causing these three components work together creating an environment where dirt, grime and oxidation melt away from a dirty surface.
    When the three components, ultrasonic waves, heat and ultrasonic cleaning solutions come together, ultrasonic cleaning produces jaw-dropping results. Ultrasonic cleaning is simply a superior form of cleaning that replaces hours of intensive labor and inferior cleaning results, and removes the need for flammable solvents.

Q: Are There Different Types Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions?

  • A: Three types of ultrasonic cleaning solutions: mild alkaline, mild acid and solvent replacement. Which ultrasonic cleaning solution an ultrasonic cleaning process requires depends on what type of grime or deposit is being removed.
    Mild alkaline ultrasonic cleaning solution is suited for the cleaning of oily parts. This agent works by breaking down the ionic bond that has formed between an oil and a metal. As the part is cleaned, the oil is dissolved and is dispersed into the liquid.
    Mild acid ultrasonic cleaning solution is suited for removing rust and oxidation. An oxide remover, the mild acid solution is suited for applications where oxidation has coated the surface of the part.
    Solvent replacement ultrasonic cleaning solution, or “shellac-buster”, removes rust, oxidation, carbons and oils. Shellac-busters are suitable for applications where a solvent like kerosene may have once been used. Solvent replacement agents are faster working than alkaline agents, and they perform in a similar fashion by breaking down ionic bonds and removing oxidation and are non-hazardous.



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