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เครื่องกำจัดไวรัส Air Photo Plasma Shower Room Intelligent Temperature Measurement rea the dynamic Temperature Measurment 360 degrees spray disinfecti
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เครื่องกำจัดไวรัส Air Photo Plasma Shower Room Intelligent Temperature Measurement rea the dynamic Temperature Measurment 360 degrees spray disinfection face recognition

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The product is specially used for the temperature detection of people in public areas and the whole body disinfectioin of people, articles and pets. with a security duty room, easy to use in the outdoor environment.


  1. Reduce the input of epidemic prevention personnel
  2. To ensure the safety of epidemic prevention personnel
  3. Prevent contact with cross infection
  4. Improve the speed of temperature measurement


  • Convenient and Quick
    It is entirely prefabricated and in the factory and can be moved flexibly in accordance with need
  • Highly-efficeient disinfection
    It adopts disfinfection process including ultrasonic atomization disinfection rate of which can be up to 99.99% in accordance with the on-site disinfection test result of SGS
  • Safe and Reliable
    Food-grade washing-free disinfection
  • Intelligent Linkage
    It cam be started throungh intelligent induction and person can carry out centralized management throught data background.
  • Facial Recognition
    It can record and form statistical data about personnel entering and going out.
  • Attendance Management
    It can form statistical data about personnel's attendance.
  • Measurement of Body Temperature
    It has accurate and efficient temperature measurement by utilizing German HEIMANN thermal imaging sensor
  • Atomization Disinfection
    It adopts food-grade washing-free disinfectant
  • The security guard stationed
    Equipped with security room independent space


Following the principle of ergonomics when designing its form, it is convenient to measure and disinfect children, the elderly, the disabled, wheelchairs and pets. Adopting fully automatic intelligent control in its design, it greatly reduces manual operation and monitoring workload, thus decreasing security pressure


  • Power: 1000W
  • Power Supply: 220V/50Hz 
  • Mist-exit Volume: 6L/h (consistent mist-exit)
  • Ultrasonic Atomization: superfine dry mist whose particle diameter is between 3nm and 5nm.
  • Quality of Integral Machine: 800KG
  • Disinfection Rate: 99.99%
  • Human Body Induction Mode: human body infrared induction
  • Body Temperature Sensing Mode: German HEIMANN thermal imaging
  • Body Temperature Collection Distance: 30 to 100cm
  • Body Temperature Collection Accuracy: ± 0.2
  • Body Temperature Display Panel: 5-inch HD touch screen
  • Body Temperature Detection Output: the equipment will give an alarm automatically upon abnormal temperature




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