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เครื่องตั้งเวลาดิจิตอล ตัวตั้งเวลา 220V AC Programmable Double Time Delay Relay Repeat Cycle Relay Timer DH48S-S
รหัสสินค้า : TIM030
ยี่ห้อ :
รุ่น : DH48S-S
สภาพสินค้า : สินค้ามือใหม่
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เครื่องตั้งเวลาดิจิตอล ตัวตั้งเวลา220V AC Programmable Double Time Delay Relay Repeat Cycle Relay Timer DH48S-S

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  • Reference Model:DH48S-S
  • Timing Range:0.1S-9.9S 1S-99S 0.1M-9.9M 1M-99M 0.1H-9.9H 1H-99H
  • Working Power: AC/DC 24~240V 50-60Hz
  • Contact Capacity:250VAC 5A
  • Delay Tolerance:0.3≤%±0.05S
  • Contacts Number:one Group Delay NC & NO
  • Size: 97×48×48mm
  • Cut size:45×45mm
  • Display: 0.36 inch LED 7.6mm high letters

Electricity delay: power start delay time reaches the preset value, the relay action, output contact transformations
Cycle time delay: poewer start, Relay began to delay time,According to the preset time T1 start delay--output conversion--according to the preset time T2 began to delay--reset;In turn, automatic reciprocating.


Please in strict accordance with the relay wiring diagram correct connection, the power supply parameters must meet the requirements.
This series of relay is a preset number of relay, shall be set up before the time delay period of time, delay after the start of setting time is invalid, but can be effective after reset or the next cycle.Relay repeated start the interval time should be acuity 0.5 s.

Pause function: in the process of timing on suspended terminals (connect 1 and 4) , time to stop, and show that this moment of time, after disconnect continue to timing.
Reset function: at any time through to reset the terminal (connect 1 and 3) , relay back to the initial state.
Reset and suspended terminals do not input voltage, so as to avoid damage to the product.In the environment of high voltage wires longer or reset and suspended.Please use the shielded wire.
Wiring Diagram


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